Aegis of The Gods Online Story

Death feeds life in Denestia. The world's power corrupts those who wield it. Magics and creatures long thought dead rise again.

In Ostania, the armies of the shade marches, leaving carnage in their wake. In Granadia, the ruling Tribunal maintains its stranglehold on its empire while bringing Ostania and the rest of the 'uncivilized' world to heel under the guise of 'enlightenment' even as the independent kingdoms reel before the shade's advance.

Caught in the middle are four:

Ryne Waldron, a living legend, driven near madness by his power and hunted by the Tribunal's assassins and the shade, struggles to defend a village he swore to protect.

Irmina Nagel, a Tribunal assassin bent on revenge, is sent to retrieve Ryne and must pass her final test even if it scars her for life.

Ancel Dorn, a gifted student at the cusp of his power's manifestation, has lost his way due to a love spurned, and now finds himself hunted by the shade and guided by a mysterious killer.

Galiana Calestis, a Teacher, a Tribunal leader, is burdened by past failures and must manipulate any in her way to see the Chronicles come to pass and save her people.

Between warring nations, vengeful leaders, magic and steel, myth and men, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Who shall unite the kingdoms? Who can bring the world's power to heel? Who can walk the knife's edge of harmony? If none can, then Denestia is doomed.