In Mareshna, your soul is your magic. The nobility will do anything to steal it.

The reptilian Dracodar called it a game. Far’an Senjin. The Game of Souls. It is anything but.

Soul is life. It is death. It is the path to the throne.

By their command of soul magic, the Dracodar ruled over humankind for millennia. Until the Blight befell the Dracodar, killing millions. It was a pestilence for which there was no cure. A pestilence that left humans untouched. Desperate to save their race, the Dracodar bred with humankind. And in so doing, revealed a secret.

Humans could wield soul by ingesting Dracodar blood and flesh.

Humankind rose to overthrow the Dracodar. They enslaved the creatures, bred them like livestock. Humans hunted the pure Dracodar unto extinction. Across the world of Mareshna, Dracodar descendants are the lowest of the low, the dregs, fodder for human nobility.

But what has fallen may yet rise.

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