(Note: this book falls into the LitRPG or Gamelit genre, which are books based within videos games or worlds that include stats, game mechanics, and lingo, all which are integral to the plot. As an avid gamer, I'm exited to be writing these types of stories.)

Epic players do epic things. A fantasy world, a unique class, an undefeated dungeon. Can Andre Taylor become epic enough to win?

Misfortune comes in fours for sixteen-year-old Andre Taylor. Each one worse than the next. He had to quit school, quit gaming, and his father died. Life sucked. It couldn't get worse. Until a car accident left his pregnant mother in a coma.

To pay for his mother's hospital care, Dre must excel at an alpha test of Ataxia Online 2: Void Legion, a Simulated Reality Multiplayer Online Game. Now, he's thrust into the fantasy world of Mikander, where powerful factions want him dead, Player Killers hunt him, a lethal plague sweeps across the land, and nightmare creatures from a voidstorm stand in his path.

Can Dre survive against overwhelming odds and unearth the secrets of the Void Legion?  Can he convince a girl who wants to duel him to the death to fight on his side? Can he discover the truth of his father's life?

He must. Or a fate worse than death awaits.

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