The magic that drives the world stirs. The Winds of war blow again. Swords are brought to bear. 

War has shaped the world of Denestia. War over religion. War over magic. A magic wielded by the greatest heroes and villains, by kings and commoners, by the righteous and the evil, by believers and heretics. A magic, that in the end, corrupts men, drives them mad, and kills them. But without that magic, Denestia would have fallen to the monstrosities of the shade long ago.

Now, after the Tribunal’s Ashishin defeated the shade in the War of the Shadowbearer, and sealed away the monsters, a long period of peace under Streamean worship has ensued. Until the day the shade’s monsters mysteriously appear. And the Shadowbearer’s name is whispered from Ostania to Granadia to the very halls of the Tribunal’s Iluminus.

Magic must be taken up again. Wielded to its full, frightening capability despite so much that has been forgotten and surrendered. But the minds of men are fragile things. Death and madness await. What will be Denestia’s fate?


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