Deadly rivalries abound on Succession Day. Countess Aidah Rostlin and her daughters, Nerisse and Clara, hide out on a distant estate to avoid the other ruthless noble houses. There, she awaits her victorious husband and son.

But betrayal is ever present for the nobility. One such occurrence brings forth a power within little seven year old Clara, a power that if left unchecked, will doom her to madness and death.

To reverse the affliction, Aidah must traverse the land, avoid bounty hunters hired by a king who wants to steal Clara’s soul, invaders who want Clara dead, and gain help from a religious faction who would use the little girl’s power. All of this in hopes that a kingdom that despises her people will heal Clara.

With no skill in magic or combat, Aidah must rely upon friend and foe, faith and dreams. Are they enough to prevent the end of the Rostlin lineage?

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