In Mike Costace’s eyes, the world was already stacked against him. He was a black kid from the hood with a sick mother who could barely provide for him. The only good things in his life were college and the hustle.

To say he was an atheist might be an understatement. He scoffed at the supernatural and anything else supposedly not of this world.

As for God? What type of God would shower him with tragedy after tragedy?

So, Mike had his own plans now. They didn’t involve the Bible, the Quran, the Tanakh, any other holy tome, or ghosts, goblins, succubi, fae, vampires, shifters, or any such ludicrous creatures.

He had his brain, his brother, Milli, and he knew how to make a buck. The plan was to pay his tuition, use his drug business to fund his legit business, save his mother's life, and never return to the hood.

But what are plans and a guy like Mike to the things that hide in the shadows at night?


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